Mezzi’s signature product line features quality, Italian luxurious marble and granite, designed for the Australian market. Our variety of products are designed to enhance your living area, whether it’s your kitchen, living room, or foyer.

This information pack contains your first step to enhance your space with luxury.

Mezzi’s Design Principles

Designed for the Australian market, Mezzi furniture only uses the best materials. Our marble is sourced and imported from Italy.

Within the Mezzi product range you will find some of our signature products; clear cut doors, drawers, completed with a marble or granite top table. Mezzi utilises only the best in materials, such as the stainless steel legs. All furniture is carefully designed by the Mezzi team.

Mezzi and the Environment

Our quality, engineered medium density fibre timber is verified with Timber Legality Verification qualifications. Timber Legality Verification certificates are standards and guidelines based on the Assessment of Performance in Sustainable Production Forest Management. Rest assured, your Mezzi product is environmentally friendly.

Mezzi’s High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is an environmentally sustainable product, and they are certified through GreenGuard (administered by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute) and Green Label (established by the Carpet and Rug Institute).

Mezzi’s suppliers undergo an extensive vetting process to ensure that all materials meet the above mentioned guidelines.

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Mezzi Choice™

Mezzi Choice™ is our brand for the customisation options for all current Mezzi products.

With Mezzi Choice™, you have the power to choose between luxurious, clear and modern Pure Core colour schemes, such as Pure Core Snow White. For a different style, retrofit your Mezzi product with a timeless, authentic, yet contemporary wood grain look by choosing a Mezzi Choice™ timber trim, such as Light Retro Teak, Light Berry Teak or Medium Provence Oak with Real Core. And, finish it with a stunning Indian Black/Gold Granite or Palissandro Natural White Marble.

Further enhance your product through Addons. Addons allow you to incorporate different practical and stylish accessories to your cabinet, table, or entertainment unit, such as a USB charging port, motorised pop-up powerpoints, or a wireless charger for compatible devices.

Mezzi Choice™ materials are only the best. Our high-grade High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is superior to other laminates*.

real core

No matter which Mezzi product you purchase, you will always receive the same quality that our products are rigorously designed and tested to uphold. Fittings and hinges are produced by Blum in Austria and our current lineup is available with the Innotech and Arcitech silent push to open drawer systems by Hettich in Germany. Mezzi products never cut corners.

Our central material is the beautiful Palissandro Natural White Italian marble that is available with every Mezzi product. As the centrepiece of your Mezzi product, it is treated with exceptional care and expertise. The beautiful marble starts in Verbano Cusio Ossola, on the Western Alps, where it is obtained from the only Palissandro quarry in the world, operating since 1960.

real core1

It is then brought to our European grade factories, where every unique block of marble is polished by hand and machine. The Mezzi factory features a state of the art computer numerical control router for a clean and precise cut, and a high specification corner rounding machine, producing a smooth, clean edge to your beautiful marble highlight.

Finally, it is combined with the premium materials to form a luxurious product, when it is then inspected through high quality control, before being sent to amplify, upgrade and elevate any space or room.

Specifications and Dimensions for your Mezzi Product

Mezzi units are usually produced at 1500mm and 2000mm widths. Custom dimensions are available upon request.

Mezzi Choice trims and colours include Snow White [Glossy], Light Retro Teak, Medium Provence Oak, and Light Berry Teak. Refer to the images below for detailed samples.

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    Pure Core Snow White Glossy

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    Real Core Light Retro Teak

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    Real Core Medium Provence Oak

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    Real Core Light Berry Teak

Mezzi Product Lineup

Mezzi offers a range of products, such as entertainment units, small tables, storage, and dining furniture.

Please inquire further with us to discuss what Mezzi can do for you.

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